The National Cultural Center of the Native Americans

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WHO BENEFITS - A Win-Win Project

For Native Americans

  • Preserves their cultures, traditions and heritage.
  • A repository safeguarding their fine art, masterful crafts, artifacts and more.
  • A habitat preserve protecting endangered plants and animals selected by tribal elders for future generations to inherit.
  • Prepares them as future leaders of their people, reservations and communities.
  • Provides opportunities never before available to them - simultaneously to earn a college degree, gain job skills for today's technological job market with on-the-job training, on-hands experience and a means to earn an income.
  • Restores the Native Americans to their rightful place in the “Chronicles of the United States of America.”

For Disabled Maimed U.S. Veterans & Native Americans

  • Assist them to assimilate back into society.
  • Provides rehabilitation and medical services.
  • Provides education and job training programs.

For Orange County, State of California and the United States of America -
Economic Development:

  • Creates a new tourist destination, attracting millions of foreign and domestic visitors and their families, and brings tourist dollars to Orange County and California.
  • Creates thousands of new jobs.
  • Creates additional more thousands of construction jobs.
  • Creates another 2.75 jobs for every job the Project creates.
  • Creates a new demand and need for small businesses and their services.
  • Creates new revenue sources for Orange County, California and the Federal Governments.

For the United States of America

  • Preserves the prehistory of the United States of America.
  • A long overdue national tribute to the Native Americans - the Native American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians, the indigenous and first peoples of the United States of America.

For the World

  • A global educational resource center.
  • A unique neutral meeting place for world leaders to convene.